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Based in Aurora, Colorado

"A creative and deliberate thinker... instrumental in providing civilian training to the Charleston Police Dept. Dr. Galloway has been a pleasure and will be very difficult if not impossible, to replace." - City of Charleston, Police Dept./Sharon Robinson, Assist. to Chief of Police.

Dr. Galloway's entire life is a lesson in the secrets of achieving personal goals, self-enrichment, empowerment and getting more out of life.
Dr. Galloway presents key principles for success and goal achievement.  He explains the principles of time management, commitment and determination and how to realize your dreams.  Specifically, there are 6 key principles that are important and fundamental to achieving goals.  Jerry’s 6 principles are the basis of his achievements in life and form the foundation for endeavor and success.

Jerry also presents on numerous other topics of special interest and always ties together the key values of learning, fortitude and character building.  His entire life is a lesson in the secrets of achieving personal goals, self-enrichment, empowerment and getting more out of life.  The specific focus of any given talk or presentation can be tailored to the interests of the event or group.

Dr. Galloway has served as a professor of education and instructional technology learning specialist for over 25 years at such universities as the University of Houston, Indiana University NW, Georgia Southern University, Texas Wesleyan and the  University of Texas at Arlington, College of Charleston and currently supervising Doctoral Dissertations for Walden University.  He is a widely published author of books, over a 100 research articles and papers, and multi-media products sold world-wide.  After a degree in philosophy followed by law school, he completed his doctorate at the University of Houston with some of the earliest work on learning, building mental models and conceptual development.
He is an accomplished astronomer and astro-photographer.  He serves as the astronomy lecturer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and operates his own observatory.  He regularly hosts and presents hands-on observing seminars at star parties and lectures at meetings and other events.

He has performed as a professional musician throughout the midwest and east coast.  With early experience as a keyboardist, composer and conductor, he has performed as a vocalist and drummer on tour and countless venues for almost 50 years.  He currently performs for all sorts of shows locally with a number of CD's currently available.

He is an accomplished martial artist and 5th degree Master of Taekwondo.  He is the founder of the Chun Tong style of Taekwon-Karate and national gold medalist.  Operating Traditional Martial Arts since 1983 and with black belt graduates scattered in states in the Midwest, Northeast and East Coast, the Chun Tong style continues to be taught today.  He was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2002.

He is also an actor and musical stage performer with appearances in Sound of Music and the Johnny Mercer Old Radio Review around southeast Georgia - at the Olde Pal Theater, the Emma Kelly Theater and Averitt Center for the Arts and most recently a show at the Physician’s Auditorium at the College of Charleston.  His also an active pilot.

He serves on various national and regional Boards of Directors for various organizations and institutions.  He is also an editor for the i-manager’s International Journal of Educational Psychology.

An active member of MENSA, Dr. Galloway is available for a variety of lectures and seminars nation-wide.

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